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Great Augason Farms LTS Food SALE!

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Re: Great Augason Farms LTS Food SALE!

Postby NJMike » Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:20 am

I received my two orders Wednesday and Thursday. My first order included someone else's packing slip instead of mine, with a name and partial address. I suppose someone out there may have got my packing slip in their delivery. Not too worried as it was a small order. Besides,Walmart, my CC company, and by extension the .Gov already know. :whistling:
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Re: Great Augason Farms LTS Food SALE!

Postby angie_nrs » Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:44 pm

I received my order yesterday. I was extremely impressed that the boxes were all plain brown with a plain address sticker. There is no indication on the outside of the package as to the contents on the inside. I really appreciate that. A while ago I ordered thru Honeyville and the outside of the package was covered with their logo......not at all happy about that. :cursing:

I will definitely place an order like this again if they have another sale. Free and private shipping is a beautiful thing. :D Plus, I used WM gift cards so nothing shows up on my credit card and it's all already paid for. FedEx was the delivery service which I also like b/c I rarely get FedEx deliveries so they have no idea who I am. Thankfully most of the time I get USPS or UPS....love them. The FedEx folks are not too bright around this area.... Case in point; the guy was at my house twice within 30 minutes to deliver 2 separate boxes. :whistling: The last delivery I had, they dropped off my delivery to a guy 5 miles down the road and I received his box. :shakeno: The fact that they have no idea who I am is a double edged sword.......but as long as I get my deliveries it's all good.
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Re: Great Augason Farms LTS Food SALE!

Postby loise23 » Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:27 am

LetsPrep11 wrote:Woodchipper, below is a site I've been using for years. It has a ton of information about prepping. For Meals-in-a-Jar recipes-go down to the 'Index' on the right side then click on '365 Days of Premade Meals'. There are other recipes peppered throughout the site and a Cookbook you can download. I have to tell you, I prefer freshly assembled to Meals-in-a-Jar. I found that the tomato powder turned into a solid block that stuck to the bottom or the jar, plus the spices reacted with the onions. I guess you could seal or bag everything separately then stuff it all in the jar.


You can click on the individual items or download the cookbook.

I am looking for the best food Sale online.
So can you please tell me If I buy some food in online food sale, would it be good or bad??
Because I heard that food quality of online food sale is bad.
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Re: Great Augason Farms LTS Food SALE!

Postby LetsPrep11 » Sat Jul 29, 2017 11:14 am

Everyone's tastes are different so you'll want to try a freeze dried or dehydrated food before buying cases of it. Some products we liked, some not so much. Like I quit buying dehydrated onions or peppers. The pieces were too small so I started dehydrating my own. Also, many of the premixed meals are just too high in sodium so I prefer to buy the basics to assemble my own meals.

Our foods mainly come from the two companies below. The products are grown in the US and most are non-GMO. Before buying, I always research reviews on the company's site, YouTube, and other sites. I have found that YouTube reviews are the most reliable. Also, compare serving sizes, content weight, and calorie count of products between companies. They can vary greatly! Do the Math!

Honeyville Farms: http://shop.honeyville.com/

Register with Honeyville and they will e-mail you offers for 15%-20% off. I then buy the 'Mix & Max' case to get an additional 10% off, making my savings 25%-30%. Shipping is $4.99 no matter how much you purchase. We especially love their FD Vegetable Mix!

Augason Farms through Walmart.com

Augason/Walmart, is the best deal I've ever found on any FD or dehydrated foods. Over the years the prices of many product has gone up so I always look for 'Rollback' prices. Prices change daily. Right now shipping is free on orders over $35 but it often drops to free on orders over $25.

Good Luck
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