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Apartment prepping

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Apartment prepping

Postby thenavigator » Sun Apr 03, 2011 3:44 am

On May 21 im going to be moving into an apartment in the city. I really want to start prepping and learning things that will help me to survive. Does anyone know what i should do to start, my place is going to be small, so how should i go about prepping, get storage facility? or so on?

help please
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Re: Apartment prepping

Postby Mongo2010 » Sun Apr 03, 2011 8:11 am

I would think that you would still start the same way, buy building up a 3 month supply of what you eat. But here is a blog I follow where the writer lives an apartment also. She gives lots of great tips on how to store in small spaces.
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Re: Apartment prepping

Postby Vina8 » Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:08 am

That's a good link, Mongo. Thanks for posting it. I forwarded it to my daughter and SIL who live in NYC.
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Re: Apartment prepping

Postby urban bugger » Mon May 02, 2011 5:51 pm

Me and my family are in this position. We live in an apartment in NYC. Yes storage will be one of your problems, but not nearly as big as the sustainability of staying in your apartment when something BIG happens. I suppose it would depend on how big a city you are in, and the exit routes out of it. Anyway, I hope you picked a secure apartment: good locks on doors, metal door would be great; peepholes on doors installed; secure windows; grills on the ground floor at least; etc. When you have looting and burglary around, these will be one less thing to worry about.

If you plan to bug in when a disaster occurs, then prioritize the stuff you need and prep for that. Then slowly when you have met your monthly/weekly prep goals for bugging in, maybe get some items for the bug out gear. You have to plan for both, being in an apartment. Remember the building is not your own and you share it with all kinds of people in the building.

For bugging in, have food and water, a flexible stove and some fuel; methods to purify water without having to rely on boiling (unless you want to waste fuel on that); a heater if you need one( consider a propane heater so you can use the fuel on a propane stove as well).

Have an escape plan should your main door be hazardous. If you have a fire escape be sure you can secure it so nobody can use it against you. Consider having a saw and a chain & lock for this purpose.

On storage space, it does become an issue. We are looking to build some shelves even in the small nook between the refrigerator and the wall. I can't keep using the kitchen cabinets for storage as these are for everyday items and sometimes guests will see them. It would be ideal to have a room for everything so all preps are centralized, but real estate is expensive.

If you can, acquire a weapon to defend your castle. A gun would be ideal. I have exhausted a lot of effort to get one in this damned city of New York. Gun laws can be crazy and it is actually becoming a major decision maker on our planned relocation. It is that important. I am not a gun nut, but have used guns and am comfortable with it. Only in the last year did I consider the significance of having a gun if I am really prepping for survival.

Keep reading the forums, a lot more information is to be said but few are willing to spend time to type it down.

Also, where are you based? Check on your area's elevation (use google earth to be easy) make sure you are high enough from any flood hazards.
urban bugger
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Re: Apartment prepping

Postby TaffyJ » Mon May 02, 2011 6:59 pm

Thank you for the maps. That was interesting.
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Re: Apartment prepping

Postby Carborendum » Thu May 05, 2011 11:45 pm

For your situation, you've got to think of multiple levels of preparedness. Maybe you're just preparing for a medium term minor disaster (truckers strike or minor flood) or loss of work. In which case, you could be ok in an apartment for a while if you have supplies.

For longer term or TEOTWAWKI scenarios, I'd agree with other sentiments that you're not going to sustain yourself in an apartment. You've got to have an alternative plan. And of course, the rest of this website is choc full of ideas for that.

The major issue with apartment prepping is the space. So, figure out ways you can use your stored supplies as everyday items.

1) Boxes of #10 cans can be spacers for wood boards to make shelves.
2) A bunch of boxes can be covered with a thin board and a table cloth to make a coffee table.
3) Several boxes or cans arranged just right can make a staircase.
4) A half-wall of boxes can be the dividing line in a living room making a home office area.
5) Boxes stacked in an alternating patter can be a nick-nack shelf.
6) Empty spaces below beds and other furniture is often left unused and is a collecting point for much clutter. Fill it up with boxes of supplies.

You get the idea. Multi-function is the key. Use space you don't think about (usually down low or up high).
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Colorado Preppers Network
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Re: Apartment prepping

Postby Aerogardenseattle » Fri May 13, 2011 1:53 pm

Look at an AeroGarden. It is small and you can grow lettuce, Tomato, bell peppers and herbs year around. You can use it now to reduce the trips to the store, but will come in handy as produce cost go up.
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Re: Apartment prepping

Postby AlabamaPoleCat » Tue May 17, 2011 12:20 pm

You've gotten lots of good advice, it all depends on what you are prepping for; Preps for TEOTWAWKI (Astroid strike, Super Volcano, total thermal nuclear war, pandemic that kills over 50% of pop, etc) are going to be different then prepping for SHTF (Revolution, Civil unrest, economic colapse, etc,) or even a local everyday run of the mill disaster in your case earthquakes. The main difference will be the amounts of preps, if you are prepping for a local run of the mill thing you won't need as much because it's local and here in the USA you get supplies shipped into you, I know I'm in Tuscaloosa and we got more stuff shipped into us then we can handle. TSHTF you'll need more the a local run of the mill, and even more for TEOTWAWKI. UNLESS you plan on buging out. Which brings us to the next factor, what do you plan on doing. Buging in or buging out, each has their own priorities and problems/needs/ wants. It's kinda hard to give a complete overview for each and every situation, or action and counter action and what you plan on doing.

Here's how I define the three.
TEOTWAWKI: Long term, we're talking years may be decades.
TSHTF: Mid term Months may be a year or more.
Local run of the mill,: Days,weeks maybe months.

If you are planing on getting the Hale out of Dodge than IHMO your preps need to be light and quick, as are your plans, you need to think first priority is getting the HALE out of Dodge, and to you where you got your most of your preps stored/Hiden.

If you are planing on staying then your preps need to be heavier, and easily excesible, it doesn't do you much good if you expose yourself every time you have to get to your preps.
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Re: Apartment prepping

Postby Carborendum » Tue May 17, 2011 2:05 pm

A quick note about weight on floors:

Modern building code requires that they be required to hold 40 psf beyond the weight of the floor. So, consider a coffe table made out of boxes of #10 cans. Depending on the contents, this can be about 35 to 40 psf if stacked two high. So don't let anyone sit on it without some empty space around the table. You could try to only put the lighter supplies in a situation like that. And there are other little tricks you can do.

If you make a shelf, this will likely be near the edge of a room. Try to put the "shelf" perpendicular to the floor joists, this can be stacked up fairly high without compromising the integrity of the floor. But there are a lot of variables in that calculation. You'll usually be safe. Just keep it in mind.

With stuffing things under a bed, most beds have enough space to put boxes in one high. But if you have a higher bed, I wouldn't recommend stacking them two high because of the weight. You can get around this by only stacking the lighter stuff there. (again with the lighter stuff).

Since most of our food tends to be grains and legumes, we will be maxed out at two high. If you're planning on further loading above and beyond the storage boxes, then that would not be advisable unless you know what you're doing structurally.
The measure of a man's character is what he chooses to do when he has the freedom to treat others poorly.
"When the world ends, everybody's dead for the rest of their lives." A very bright 4 y.o.
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