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What disaster/emergency do you prep for?

Preparedness General Discussion

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Re: What disaster/emergency do you prep for?

Postby ForwardPreppers » Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:36 pm

Yep Cin, that's the one! Good ole 1985! And we then had smaller hurricane Juan come in behind it and take our back patio cover that we installed! Ugh!

But of course, nothing compares to Katrina! All the news focused on NOLA but the MS Gulfcoast was destroyed. It's been 12 years and they're finally getting more businesses rebuilt on the beach front. Still a lot of empty land though.

Just an observation about what we prep for, the power went out 4 times in a 17 hour period starting at 1pm yesterday. The outage itself is not serious but learning during these "mini" events is the key. Learning about our new to us solar power system, what we can still run to conserve power with a low battery due to the cloudy weather, conserving water, preparing food. These are great practice and learning experiences.

Mrs FP
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Re: What disaster/emergency do you prep for?

Postby John Galt 1 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:22 pm

If you prep for a major EMP event with latex gloves and N-95 face masks you're good for almost anything. But it all takes cash.... So start with basic food and clean water and work up from there.
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Re: What disaster/emergency do you prep for?

Postby PatrioticStabilist » Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:48 pm

Generalist too. Right now here isn't not so good, very cold, was blowing hard last night but today the roads
are mostly clear.

We had been in upstate New York and just got home last night, we ran in front of the storm to Erie, but it
came down on us about Columbus, was nasty after that. But we kept the gas tank full and had water, etc
plus warm clothing if needed so it was fine. When we started south in southern Indiana, the roads were not

Today I hit Krogers, spent $250, they had roast on sale, buy one, one free, got a couple of those, 11 pounds
of their good ground chuck, fish, shrimp, ground pork, we are good. Freezer had a lot in it, but with the kids
here we ate pretty good, so brought stocks back up. I need to go through and see what else.

I needed to get 6 5 gallon jugs of water, but my foot was hurting to bad and it was cold so will tomorrow
or Monday.
My pressure cooker, electric died so I bought another, have regular ones for canning, but like this. Filled up
the truck. We need to fill all the gas cans again in case we lose electric, need it for the genny.

Otherwise I have lots of food back, plastic gloves, life straws, etc. 25 pounds of rice I added, flour and wheat
both, flour in the freezer. We can always use more. Have lots of pasta, some canned, meats, and butter, and
home canned goods. We are good for quite awhile.
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