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Hi-Standard R103 (FINALLY!)

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Hi-Standard R103 (FINALLY!)

Postby kilogulf59 » Sun Aug 15, 2010 10:57 am

My (almost) new Hi-Standard Sentinel R103 .22 Revolver…ain’t she a beaut?


I’ve wanted a decent Hi-Standard Sentinel for a long time. Either the prices were ridiculously high (speculators trying to corner the market on another supposed collectable) or I’d miss out on the good deals. Well on Gun Brokers early one morning I spotted this beauty and it had a “Buy-It-Now” tag for $200…man I jumped on that faster than Clinton jumped on Lewinski…

The nice thing is it is a R103, which means that the ejector's return is spring loaded. On my pal Nate’s 3-inch R101, it isn't so the star sometimes mars the finish on the R100 and R101 models.

The grip frame on these revolvers is fantastic and this will not be my last one. It will be a great training and fun gun though. BTW, I certainly wouldn’t mind a J.C. Higgins M88 either but it didn’t work out that way…YET!

Any-who, I got her and gave her a cleaning and lube, and aside from usage marks, here and there, it is in great shape, mechanically new! This one will be used to teach my lil Granddaughter how to shoot handguns, when the time comes of course.

Refer to the attached document for more info...

Attachment: HiStandard Sentinal Revolver Buffaloe.pdf

I’ll attach another document you all may like; it has all the models of “High Standard Police Style Revolvers” they made. I found the info on-line and made a PDF out of it.

Attachment: High Standard Police Style Revolvers.pdf

My next HS will be the snub-nosed model with the bird’s head grip frame…

Take Care and Stay Safe,
Ken aka kilogulf59
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Re: Hi-Standard R103 (FINALLY!)

Postby fl swamprat » Fri Aug 20, 2010 11:50 am

Those are sweet little guns, I bought one many years ago in a hardware store used for $70 if I remember correctly, wish I still had it. Accurate as it could be and a great little woods gun. I would love to find a deal on one just to toss it in my BOB.
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fl swamprat
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