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Storm clouds are forming, an Ark in WV

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Storm clouds are forming, an Ark in WV

Postby hangfire » Fri Sep 09, 2011 8:58 am

Down to earth as well as educated, married man, looking to develop contacts in the NRV with other preparation minded families/individuals.

It takes a while for people to get to know each other, but here's a bit about me and mine.

I'm between 40 and 45, and in 'not bad' shape. My plans include getting back into some sort of exercise routine. As stated I'm married, and also the father to a small child.

What I have to offer:

With a little help from above I've managed to obtain approximately 40 acres in Monroe County WV. (Do a google map on Lindside, WV and look south two miles from the town.) The property is in a rural, poorer section of the county. There are lots of deer, some squirrels, clean air, and a 'live and let live' mentallity overall. Theft and drugs are problems native to the area. The locals are not generally violent, generally speaking they are destitute, primarily uneducated, and known for somewhat sticky fingers. The soil is poor, but there are things that can be done to rectify that.

It wasn't all that long ago that I didn't have a 'bug out' location.... everyone has their own beliefs, and mine do include a higher power. There's an unusual tale to the property, and I just can't accept that it happened totally by chance. In any case, at the risk of sounding a bit kooky, I don't believe that property was intended for me to just horde away. If you can bear with the metaphor, I look at that property as an ''ark'... and... there is room for the right smalll collection of other people.

What I have to offer then, ultimately, is a possible invitation.

It's my ship, so I get to steer... but I value and desire the opinion of others. I think I see storm clouds coming, and my intention is that when a downpour breaks open, to hunker down and hope that the floodwaters ultimately recede (if that makes any sense).

There's a shallow well along a country road at the front of the property, and a gravel road in need of a load or two that goes back into the woods. A make shift gun range is already there (I threw one together), and one building spot has been cleared.

Like most, I don't have infinite financial resources and need help to turn the property into something. I'm also not so great with a hammer and nails (never learned how). My back is fine, and I am capable of work, but hard physical labor is just something I never grew up doing a whole lot of.

If the floods do come, I'm smart enough to realize that the rules of the game are likely to change.... I'm a good shot, and prepared to defend myself (at the same time, not looking for a fight) but if....or maybe when... people get desperate enough they will resort to looting, riots, murder, etc. Not on my ark, but I won't be able to hold off 'zombie hordes' all by myself.

RIght now, as stated, there's the land, a building plot, a possibly salvagable well, and little else on the property. A neighoring property (which I have partial ownership of) also has a springhouse and a locally famous spring. The springhouse needs cleaned out, the residents over there likely wouldnt care a whole lot, but I'm not in a hurry to make waves or draw attention. Anyway, there are potential sources of natural water. The county also has 'city water' available along the road, if I (we?) chose to hook in. Utility electric is also available.

This is not a blind faith invitation for anyone and everyone. It is an experiment... to see whos interested and willing to talk.

A couple of clarifications:

Do I think our nation is in trouble? Yes, in a major way. Do I forsee it getting better? No, I see the contrary as more likely. My plans however, for the time being, are to stay out of any upcoming civil unrest if my hypothesis is correct. Thus, an appeal to preppers, and/or conservative survivalists. I'm not looking to start or join a 'militia.' There are too many negative connotations (and attraction of radically minded) for that type of approach.

Instead, I'm an Ant in a world of grasshoppers, hoping to slowly but surely put away stores for what is likely to be a long winter. I need to get better organzed, but basic essential equipment has already been accumulated.

Personal Skills:

Modern as well as muzzleloading firearms, some woodscraft, security and surveillance equipment, radio communications, computer and internet related, moderate gardening ability, experience raising goats (an excellent 'survival' type of livestock in my opinion, and a cousin to deer). Various types of knowledge.

Personal beliefs and values:

Respect for others, a higher power, and respect for life. The taking of another's life is justifiable under only the most extreme circumstances, and I apply that school of thought to animals as well as people. Killing for meat, or to protect a loved one is justifiable, hunting animals as merely an excuse to shoot something is not. I'm not an animal rights activist, but its best to get my philosophies on the table regarding the above now.

What I seek:

To develop friendships with like minded, intelligent individuals, with something to contribute. Hands on abilities and country skills are preferred, but attitude and mindset are of primary importance.

Well thats enough of a opening ramble to see what kind of responses I get
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Re: Storm clouds are forming, an Ark in WV

Postby dogboy » Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:53 am

Hi and welcome from Rhode island. It might be a good idea to invite others to become neighbors. A flotilla of arks might work better than a solitary one.
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Re: Storm clouds are forming, an Ark in WV

Postby aberrant » Fri Sep 09, 2011 12:31 pm

You have a great spot over there. I occasionally travel to Monroe county for work and have often thought about what a great BOL it would make. You aren't on any major highways and there are wide buffer zones of forest and potential food sources between you and even the small metropolitan areas, like bluefield, blacksburg, and charleston. You picked a great spot. Not to mention lots of game (more deer than people), fishing (bluestone lake), and just beautiful country.

I'm too busy (time wise and financially) with my own shelter and to join you over there, but you are not alone in WV. Lots of preppers here and Overall I think we are probably one of the "most prepared" states in the country.

Good luck
West Virginia Preppers Network
West Virginia Preppers Network
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Re: Storm clouds are forming, an Ark in WV

Postby kingpin » Tue Nov 01, 2011 2:37 pm

simpleman, I think what you are trying to do is a great thing and confirms your values. I am also looking to buy land out in the area. Is there any land for sale around your BOL. I have a large extended family (20) that i know I will probably have to look out for when SHTF because they don't see the "storm clouds"and It would not be in my values if i turned them away. I could not burden somebody else with that responsibility. I share your views and think you would be a great neighbor maybe we can help each other with ideas as we will probably be tackling the same issues.
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Re: Storm clouds are forming, an Ark in WV

Postby xtron » Fri Nov 11, 2011 6:38 pm

hello neighbor...
i am just across the boarder in christiansburg. va...which means i am about an hour...or less...away.

i am interested in getting to know you, for the reason that i would like to have access to your property..for the same reasons you have bought it...a BOL..

a little about me...58...married..wife is 44....2 teenagers at home..boy, 17...girl 15.
i am an avid gardener..i have 3000 sq. ft...which provides the majority of our vegetables for the year.
i haven't been able to get into the woods to do any hunting in several years...i am a transplant from the mid west...and would love the opportunity to have a place to hunt.. i worked for a couple of years in a small town meat locker..so have experiance in meat cutting...not just deer, but beef, hogs, and sheep. i also like to fish, which, again, i haven't been able to do much of.

i'm not a great carpenter, but the house we are in now has a 16X25 foot family room added onto the side...which i built, basically, by myself....i must have done something right, cause it passed all the city inspections. i also do/have done electrical and plumbing...nothing fancy, mind you, just basic stuff.

you, obviously, have access to a 'puter...i would really like to get to know you and yours better..but chances are it will have to wait till next spring to do a face to face...in the mean time, if you want, i hang out most evenings in the chatroom linked from the top of this page...join us for the fun...and there is a wealth of information, experiance, and know how there...all free for the asking....hope to see you there.
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