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Americans Networking To Survive

Iowa A.N.T.S. Members. Form your colonies and plan your supply chains here.

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Americans Networking To Survive

Postby violet » Thu Jul 29, 2010 5:53 pm

http://sites.google.com/site/americansn ... tosurvive/

Americans Networking To Survive

Americans Networking To Survive

A.N.T.S is a survival network comprised of individuals working together to provide other members basic supplies during disasters. This is done by following the guidelines set forth by the A.N.T.S organization. Membership is open to anyone willing to follow those guidelines.

When disaster strikes, Wouldn't it be nice to know friends were coming to your street with supplies for you and your family.


Ant - A member of the A.N.T.S network.

Ant Type - Ants volunteer for jobs: they can be an camp, com, donor, or trail ant.

A.N.T.S Location Map - A Google map that shows the general location of all members. The exact location of a member can only be found after a distress or stone marker has been put in place during a disaster.

Camp - A location chosen by a camp ant that is just outside a disaster area and has communication capabilities. The preferred location would be on the property of the camp ant, but could also be another public location as long as the camp ant has received permission from the owner.

Disaster Alert - A message that has been sent to the group by a camp ant to notify all members of a disaster in their area.

Distress Marker - The letter "N" made out of sticks, rocks, or other debri. Stands for "Needs Help" and is used to mark the location of a member in distress during a disaster. Should be placed near the driveway entrance. Helps trail ants find you.

Place Mark - An icon used to mark your general location on the A.N.T.S location map.

Transfer Points - Areas along a route for donor ants to meet and exchange supply pods. These locations can be at Walmart parking lots or any other public location.

Stone marker - A stone with location information on it that is placed at an intersection during a disaster by members who did not want to put their place mark on their street or are living in a condo/apartment.

Supply Pods - Containers stocked with emergency supplies and instructions on how to return to donor. The recommended types of supply pods are made from a square or round 5 gallon bucket with lid. This allows donor ants to calculate how many pods they can fit into their vehicle. They also protect the contents from rain and can be used for other things on site. Most grocery stores, bakeries and restaurants will give you their used buckets for free. You can buy new ones at Lowes for less than five dollars.

There are six basic types of supply pods:

A water pod, which contains water bottles or pouches.

A food pod, which contains food.

A shelter pod, which can contain a tent or tools for making a temporary shelter. ( A hole may need to be cut in lid for tent poles )

A bedding pod, which contains a sleeping bag or sheets and covers.

A hygiene pod, which contains hygiene products, wash clothes, towels.

A clothing pod, which contains requested clothing.

Which pods, how many are sent, and what they will ultimately contain depends on the type of disaster and what items are needed by the receiving ants.

Supply Route - A route map creating using the "A.N.T.S location map" that shows the route from the available donor ants to the camp, with transfer points marked along the route. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WylDru1c2XI
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Iowa Preppers Network
Iowa Preppers Network
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Re: Americans Networking To Survive

Postby founderant » Mon Aug 09, 2010 8:40 pm

Hi Violet,
Thanks for helping to spread the word in Iowa.

Take care,
Americans Networking To Survive
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A.N.T.S. Founder
A.N.T.S. Founder
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Re: Americans Networking To Survive

Postby Jennie_in_Iowa » Mon Aug 23, 2010 11:49 am

Wow, I'd never heard of this, but I like it!!
I'm a prepper living, working and gardening in Iowa.
Handfasted to my loving husband, who stays home with our 1 year old son.

Goddess Bless
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