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Obama Care and herd mentality

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Obama Care and herd mentality

Postby orangetom1999 » Tue Nov 08, 2016 10:44 am

Got my check up today at the doctors and somehow the conversation drifted to Obama Care and how it was affecting the medical profession.

Wow!!! Talk about a change in tenor....tone....the whole conversation took a decided change. I have been hearing about this from a number of other people by way of their doctors...but this is the first time I have ever heard of it ...from the doctors mouth and for myself..first hand.

What the doctor described was a rigged system going into place which is making the doctors and the insurance companies take a course of action which is making the medical profession lose it's ability to economically survive. Political self interest is infecting the medical field in lieu of economic self interest..as I posted in this video by Milton Freedman..

Scroll to 2:02 and listen or listen to the whole thing if you have never seen it. It is not long.


What they have instituted across the board in this American Economy is Political interest...ie..social political causes have been financed to where they are replacing our individual economic self interest....ie...economic bondage... verses liberty and freedom.

Milton Freedman states..

"Is it really true that political self interest is nobler somehow than economic self interest???"

This is what they are doing to the medical profession ...replacing medical care with political self interest. And political self interest means loss of privacy ...in favor of political concerns/issues.

But what the doctor told me is worse than this ...much worse....

What the doctor told me was that they were putting so many restrictions via Obama Care...that people could not afford the insurance and the insurance would often not cover certain procedures...pre existing conditions ... and furthermore...they were being instructed to blame peoples health issues on a litany of causes from being overweight...to gun control.......do you have guns in the home???

What ...gun control??? From whence did that one come????

I thought about what the doctor told me on the way home.

Pre existing conditions....Wow.!!!

What this told me about what is coming..is behavior modification. Forcing people to adjust their lifestyles and behaviors to accommodate Political social requirements...in lieu of individual thinking and the freedom and liberty to carry on in said freedom and liberty.

The medical profession being instructed to tell on us....with the goal of control our behaviors or we will be subject to loosing our very very overpriced insurance coverage. But it will be the only game in town...where else you going to go. We will be forced to modify our behaviors..even give up our guns or lose our medical coverage.

They can make you turn in your guns..once the medical profession combined with the public school system tells on you??

The doctor agreed with me when I stated..."This is Herd Mentality!!"

The medical profession is being turned into a type of KGB/GRU... to spy on Americans and aid in controlling our behaviors...right next to the public school system. Political self interest before economic self interest.

The doctor was highly upset about this.... I wonder how much he is not telling me..or cannot??

Lose weight or we drop your insurance....etc etc etc. Stop drinking or we cancel your insurance...smoking too...

No late night clubbing...et al.

In case you readers cannot connect the dots..this will lead to a type of "Democide." Death by Democracy.

A system of the perfect bee hive/ant farm...wherein the system gets the maximum labor out of a people with the minimum cost with total conformity.

Da Tovarich!!??

Have any of you other readers picked up on this pattern...via your doctors or other side talk with your nose/ears to the ground so to speak??

Or Is this just tin foil hat stuff. I don't think so for the long range UN plans for this nation.

Ok..gotta shove off and vote.

Just some random rabid thoughts based on what I think and what I pick up on..nose to the ground... from time to time..but it made for a very interesting day...along with the election.

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Re: Obama Care and herd mentality

Postby corius » Tue Nov 08, 2016 11:15 am

I have a friend who is a psychologist. I was a patient of his for a long time before we became friends and started hanging out. He is a prepper and got me into prepping as a way to ease my anxiety cause by PTSD

Here are some things I have been told by him

Since all the new gun control laws has been floating around, it has made his life allot harder to help people because they don't want to tell him the whole truth, and he doesn't blame them

If he want to get paid he has to give a diagnosis even if the patient doesn't need one if he doesn't the insurance wont pay and getting people to pay out of pocket is a pain

Its cheaper to just get on a pill to make you a zombie than it is to go trough all the time to work trough your problems (depending on insurance then can set how many sessions they will pay for anywhere from 8 - 30 a year is what he has seen)
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Re: Obama Care and herd mentality

Postby leangenes » Tue Nov 08, 2016 1:06 pm

You know you are going to need to eat something, nearly every day of your life. That means that you will have to spend money buying food at the store, or farmer's market, or maybe even grow and process the food yourself.

Why not just buy FOOD INSURANCE? You pay a set fee every month to the FOOD INSURANCE company, then go to the FOOD STORE and get the stuff you need to eat.

But, you have to make sure that the store is IN NETWORK or your FOOD INSURANCE company won't pay. And some types of food won't be covered. And if some really hungry people start using their FOOD INSURANCE a lot more than expected, the FOOD INSURANCE companies might lose money, or just not make enough to satisfy their shareholders, so they will have to raise your monthly payments, and will have to negotiate lower prices from the FOOD STORES.

Sounds like a stupid idea, doesn't it?

Well, you know you are going to need some kind of medical services nearly every year of your life. . . . . .


Letting a middleman get between you and your grocer is stupid. So is letting a middleman get between you and your healthcare professional(s).

Go to the doctor, negotiate a cash price, pay, and be done. If you are paying cash, he won't need staff to deal with the insurance company, and can lower his prices. If you aren't paying hundreds of dollars (or more) per month to an insurance company, you will have the cash to pay him.

If you can't afford a heart bypass operation, or a liver transplant, you will have more incentive to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle, and avoid tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption.

Screw the Insurance companies, they don't improve outcomes, they don't improve services, they don't lower prices for consumers, they don't improve profits for providers. They only rake off money from the middle, screwing both the medical consumer, and the medical provider.

Buying insurance is asking the herd to pay for your illnesses, instead of taking responsibility for your own health, and avoiding illness.
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Re: Obama Care and herd mentality

Postby Illini Warrior » Tue Nov 08, 2016 1:26 pm

what Hellery is proposing as a "change" on ObammyCare - while she is VERY quietly admitting is a destroyed medical care system - Billy Bob not as quietly - is just another socialist system that has proven not to work ....

ANOTHER reason to vote for Trump - SOMEBODY needs to start getting something correct & workable out of the gooberment .... 8 years of amateur game playing just can't be followed by more years of criminal behavior ....
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Re: Obama Care and herd mentality

Postby 5 Forks » Tue Nov 08, 2016 3:48 pm

This isnt just another election. This is a deal breaker. Our nation cannot withstand another 8 years of this forced socialism, cronyism and corruption. Nor another 4 for that matter. If we the good citizens dont outvote the bad our nation is in dire trouble. I truly believe the good still outweighs the bad. However the Dimmys have put so many folks on the government suck and imported and continues to import so many millions of trash from third world excrement holes Im worried. One way or another we will awake to a new dawn. I hope and pray for my childrens sake Im still smiling. Im no alcoholic but this situation has forced me to uncase a brand new box of Jim Beam. The wife is in town picking up some supplies. She has instructions to include a few cases of Californias best wines. God Forbid I must partake. And God damn Killary and her whoremonger mate if theyre headed back into the White House. Thatwill be a case of wake me up for X-Mas. With not a sober breath between then and now hahaha. God save the Republic.
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Re: Obama Care and herd mentality

Postby MoeRN » Tue Nov 08, 2016 5:37 pm

Insurance companies are definitely a problem, but Obamacare has made it exponentially worse.

Now hospitals are paid based on patient satisfaction. I.E. a patient with bipolar can leave disgruntled, give a poor patient survey and the hospital gets a percentage off of what they are paid back.

So now, as nurses, we are instructed more on patient satisfaction than the new technology or changes in nursing practice.

It's a joke.
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Re: Obama Care and herd mentality

Postby oldasrocks » Tue Nov 08, 2016 5:49 pm

Good idea. Let's just pickle ourselves and we won't need obozocare or an undertaker.
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Re: Obama Care and herd mentality

Postby PatrioticStabilist » Tue Nov 08, 2016 6:23 pm

Wrong place, moved
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Re: Obama Care and herd mentality

Postby Blondie » Tue Nov 08, 2016 6:55 pm

ITA with leangenes, find an off grid (accepts cash) doctor when you can. You & your dr then avoid the traps of Obamacare and the insurance industry. If you work the numbers and are reasonably healthy, a high deductible plan and paying cash for a few visits a year may work well for you.

My dr went on a rant about Obamacare years ago. He said it would destroy healthcare as we know it. My personal belief is the insurance industry will bleed this dry as long as they can until we are all forced into a gov't run system. Like Medicaid.
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Re: Obama Care and herd mentality

Postby donba » Tue Nov 08, 2016 7:26 pm

We had some friends who when medical insurance first came out, decided not to get involved. They were both much older than us, we were the age their children would have ben. They had twin girls who both died at around age 8, after long medical problems. They started putting $ 50. dollars a month in a saving account. Then upped the amount as time went on. When he told me this, all the rest of his family had passed on, he said he had over 7 grand left in that account,which he said should be enough to last him at 85…….
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Re: Obama Care and herd mentality

Postby anita » Tue Nov 08, 2016 8:23 pm

The doctors I've talked to have said that obamacare is a disaster.

There is nothing wrong with insurance, whether it's for your home, your car, or your health. The problem comes when you want the insurance to pay for maintenance, rather than catastrophic problems.

You don't expect your insurance to pay for an oil change, or to fix the dishwasher. Why would you expect it to pay for a checkup or a trip to the doctor for an ear infection. It should only be for a catastrophe.
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Re: Obama Care and herd mentality

Postby leangenes » Tue Nov 08, 2016 8:58 pm

Insurance is nothing but legalized gambling. The insurance company is the 'House', and the house always wins. People buying (or forced to buy) insurance are suckers, making a sucker's bet. No matter what kind of insurance they are paying for.

Auto insurance---- You are saying, "I'll bet this monthly premium against the value of my car that it will be wrecked this month", and the insurance company says, "We'll take that bet". You then do your best to avoid wrecking your car, trying your best to make sure you lose the bet. A sucker's bet, because you bet against yourself. And if you DO wreck your car, and 'win' the bet, the insurance company is likely to try every trick in the book to avoid paying up on their side of the bet.

Home Owner's Insurance--- Same deal, you bet your premium against the value of your home that it will be damaged or destroyed by fire, or storm, or flood, or vandals, or whatever type of coverage the salesman can sucker you, or your mortgage holder can coerce you into buying. And after you pay your premium, you go around the house checking smoke detectors, and securing storm shutters, and installing security lights, and locks, all to make sure you lose the bet you made with the insurance company. A sucker's bet.

Health Insurance--- You are betting that you will get seriously ill or injured this month. Just spend a minute thinking about it, then say it out loud to yourself-----"I bet I will get cancer this month." Or, "I bet I will have a heart attack this month." Talk about a sucker's bet.

So, for every premium you pay when nothing bad has happened, you are a loser. If your house didn't burn, or your car didn't crash, or you didn't have a stroke, then you just lost your premium. To win, your car needs to crash, or your house needs to burn, or you need to have a major medical calamity.

THAT is what's wrong with insurance.

It's just a scam to separate fearful people from their hard-earned money, by promising that if they win a sucker's bet that the cold, impersonal strangers working in the claims department of some insurance corporation will "take care of them" when they can't take care of themselves.

But, it's a free country, and if you have more money than sense, or more fear than self-reliance, then by all means, buy all the policies you want. Just don't force me to buy into a scam I don't want to participate in. Health, auto, or home-owner's, I would rather not be involved in any of them.
I don't know what you do in New York, but around here we don't give a man a funeral unless we're pretty sure he needs one.---Fred Ziffel

Eat a live frog first thing in the morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.-– Mark Twain
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Re: Obama Care and herd mentality

Postby angie_nrs » Tue Nov 08, 2016 10:55 pm

I agree with Moe - Doctors now are going to be paid NOT on the services they render, but the outcome of the patients. So, if you have a patient who is a smoker/drinker/overweight and the doctor tells them they have to curb these activities and gives them the tools to do so, but they don't do it.....the doctor will not be paid. :eek: Newsflash.....NOBODY can make you do anything you don't want to do. Why should your doctor be punished for that? Also, if the doctor is getting paid that way, how long will it be before they refuse to see you? They only get paid if you get better and if they know you won't, why would they bother with you? Wow! So, with this in mind how many people do you think want to become doctors? Hmmmmm.....wonder what that will do for the doctor shortage?

Where I live, almost all of the doctors have left their independently owned offices and joined the large hospitals or have just given up and retired. What a mess that is. Not only do you have several months wait to get in to see a provider, but most of the time you will see a NP or a PA.....NOT a doctor. How do you think that's going to work out for all of us?

Is this part of the master plan in population control??

As far as the gun question on doctor paperwork......you don't have to answer that question. I left it blank and they never asked me about it. If they had, I would have told them that is was none of their business......I have a feeling they get that a lot.
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Re: Obama Care and herd mentality

Postby rickdun » Wed Nov 09, 2016 2:45 am

It's not only O'Bozo care, it's also medicare.

I know doctors that have quit taking on new patients that are on medicare and disability.
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Re: Obama Care and herd mentality

Postby PatrioticStabilist » Wed Nov 09, 2016 8:36 am

Our medicare coverage is good, we have Part A, B, and the supplement Aetna Plan F, this is pretty comprehensive.
Doctors visits and hospital visits are paid well.

The real problem I have is part D, it covers little of the scrips I take and went to a broker and they can find
nothing better. That's where $250 and shortly $300 a month for scrips no one covers. What good is it? I could
take the $36 a month and apply it against the costs.
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