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illegal to posess more than 7 days food!!!!!

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Re: illegal to posess more than 7 days food!!!!!

Postby Cast Iron » Mon Feb 27, 2017 10:51 am

Illini Warrior wrote:
Cast Iron wrote:
Illini Warrior wrote:you got it - local - VERY local is where the threat is at .... that's why your personal OPSEC is sooooo very important .... it doesn't even need to be someone currently in local gooberment that drops the dime .... when the SHTF hits it'll be a confab of gooberment departments/districts, CERE, civic organizations, schools, churches, business & industry ect ect - and everyone associated is a potential threat ... these people aren't anymore prepared than the average sheeple - if you think they are simply going to die away without using their BS local legal powers - authority - manpower - firepower - to survive over YOU - think again ....

That would be a neat trick around here.

We outnumber the local govt by about 700 to 1.
We got the firepower. We got the manpower.
Pass whatever legal powers, no one here to enforce it.
The advantage of a small town.

the 700 to 1? - you're saying EVERYONE is a prepper and have food to survive the SHTF without any hand outs?

these people you are talking about will compose the posse groups that'll be doing the gooberment's bidding of confiscating - either that or they'll be free lancing raiders - they'll be praying on the weaker with or without gooberment BS emergency laws backing them up ....

you think you'll only be facing the few LEOs currently on the force - they'll just be the official badge out front of the civilian sheeple posse making the raid look official ...

and PLEASE - don't say something naive as hell about everyone is everyone else's good ole' buddy and that won't be happening around your area ....

Sorry, I hit the wrong key.

700 to 6 is more accurate.
700 to 12 if you include the voting board. Two of those are my neighbors.
No LEO that I know of.

Out here, the vast majority of us have gardens, small livestock, large livestock. Has nothing to do with being preppers, just the way people do things around here. Lot of older folks who, growing up, that is the way it was, that is the way is.

Well, I do not have a crystal ball, tea leaves, fish guts to say how things will go in a SHTF situation. I do not think anyone else does either. I can say the relationships I have now will go a lot further than if I did not.

I do know my neighbors. We are all kinds of decent folks. Cannot say I can see any of them going all Mall Ninja Spider People like and becoming raiders.
I can say most of us would not put up with that kind of crap.

We all know out here we are on our own for the most part. We know we will not survive without helping each other.

If you will excuse me now, I am going to give a dozen eggs to my neighbor.
Beware of the guy with only one Cast Iron pan . . . he likely knows how to use it.
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