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Kids finally showing interest!

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Kids finally showing interest!

Postby miscindy » Tue May 06, 2014 8:01 pm

After a few years now, my boys have started to show some interest in prepping skills! My teenager has decided he is interested in plants and has asked me a few times now when I am going to start the garden. We went out and he eagerly examined the growth on the raspberry bushes and checked on the fruit trees. I will have to get him behind the tiller this weekend before his interest wears off. My middle schooler asked me today if we can bake some cookies on the dashboard of the car this summer. I can see this lead into a simple solar cooker project.

They think I am crazy when I give them little drills, but they do participate. Here are some that we have done in addition to the regular fire/tornado drills.

"Let's see who can bring me a bandaid the fastest."
"Find 3 things you can use to start a fire."
"Pretend a person we don't know is banging on the door. Show me what you would do."
"If the power is out, how do you make a phone call?"
"What should you do if you get home from school and are unable to get into the house (lost key) and it is raining or cold outside?" (We actually had this happen before our prepping days and our oldest had a half day of school and left his key in the locker. Wind chills were very low and we were in temporary housing and did not know neighbors. I called home from work for about 20 minutes and he never answered, called the bus department, and then called my husband who ran to the house and found him shivering in an area sheltered from the wind. I worked further away and as a teacher, can't just leave work. New house has a keypad on the garage and he has a cell phone and knows the neighbors. Plus the chicken coop is pretty warm compared to outside.)
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Re: Kids finally showing interest!

Postby kappydell » Wed May 07, 2014 1:40 am

Yay! Congratulations, you sound like you are making prepping a fun thing, not scary. You might see if you can lay your hands on some boy scout manuals (sometimes the library has them) for new ideas that appeal to boys. Another cool book is the 'daring book for boys' full of interesting projects, some prepper oriented. It is also full of just plain fun things, like learning about naval signal flags, or morse code, how to build a fire, or pitch a tent, or even learning cool quotes in Latin (for those times when you want to knock someone's socks off with your eclectic know how).

Keep it fun, keep it interesting, and keep it up!!!
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Re: Kids finally showing interest!

Postby Photon Guy » Tue May 20, 2014 10:39 pm

So are any of your children into Boyscouts? They might want to try it out. I was a Boyscout and it was lots of fun. You learn all sorts of stuff and you certainly do learn some stuff about prepping, or stuff that can be useful in prepping. As it is, their motto is, "Be Prepared!"
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